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Pulse Programmer

Programmable RF and control signals.
Most people use them for quantum information processing.

SQuInT 2011 poster

ppham (Paul T. Pham)

  18 Feb 2011

Jeff Booth and Rob McClure will be presenting their poster at the SQuInt poster session tonight about using the Yellow Box to shelve barium ions in Boris's lab using adiabatic fast passage. In case you're not in Boulder right now, you can view it here:


If you *are* in Boulder, please come find us to chat. Remember, this is what we look like:


Ionizer open source project from NIST Boulder

ppham (Paul T. Pham)

  08 Nov 2010

Till Rosenbrand at NIST Boulder has released their ion trap control software as open source, also on SourceForge.


This is a great resource for the whole community, as NIST Boulder is a world leader in trapped ion quantum computing. This is the same software that was used in their recent result of a fully programmable two-qubit quantum processor:


Thanks Till, and to everyone in your group for making your work available to the public!


ppham (Paul T. Pham)

  15 Sep 2010

In case you've been wondering what I've been doing all summer: implementing the infamous Solovay-Kitaev algorithm for generic SU(d) (multi-qubit) gates.


In case you can't tell, I am more excited about projects that have domain names.

And now, on to Super-Kitaev!

Welcome summer students!

ppham (Paul T. Pham)

  19 Jul 2010

This is a little late, but the sunshine only started in Seattle a few weeks ago, so I forgot that it was summer :]

Farewell to David Nufer, Rob McClure, and Jeff Booth who are gone at internships. We look forward to seeing you again in the fall, and I hope to have exciting progress to report then. Also, congratulation to John Williams for graduating, and to Aaron Avril for deferring admission to graduate school.

To fill the hole left in the my heart, we have three new students working on the pulse programmer this summer. Everyone please give it up for:

Harshad Petwe, a rising sophomore who is a CSE major hopeful. He will be working on automated testing and putting a yellow box online by the end of this summer (we have to beat the Soviets).

Our next two undergrads hail all the way from Boris's ion trap lab.
Bing Chen (electrical engineering) and Kate Mitchell (physics and computer science) will be helping me get state detection and PMT counting to work with the yellow box, in addition to its frequency scanning prowess.

Undergrad research posters

ppham (Paul T. Pham)

  04 Jun 2010

In the last few weeks, there have been two new posters about the pulse programmer here at the University of Washington.

I made a poster to recruit new undergrads to the project for this summer and the fall, with the grandiose title "Quantum Computer Engineering", mostly about ion traps and pulse programming.


Also, our computer science undergrads, David, Rob, and Jeff, created a poster for the annual undergrad research symposium, describing their separate sub-projects over the past three quarters:


These posters are now decorating our underground lab so that people passing by will know what we are working on.

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